How many uses are in one container?

-You get approximately 10 uses in each container


How many ounces are in a Jar

- 22.9 oz


Does each mask do something different?

-Each Jelly Mask provides the same benefits. The only difference between them would be the fragrance and color


How long does the mask take to dry?

-MTskin Jellys have a 3-5 minute dry time

Can I use MTskin Jellys on the Brazilian Area?

- Absolutely! The instant cooling will provide relief and reduction in redness after a waxing/sugaring


What areas can the Jelly Mask be used?

-MTskin Jellys can be used anywhere on the body. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Jelly Masks are not made for consumption 

Which Jelly Mask is for which skin type?

-Its important to remember that Jelly Masks are made to solidify. Meaning anything formulated into the mask does not pass the stratum corneum. That being said, MTskin Jelly masks can be used over ANY skin type/condition.


Do MTskin Jellys help brighten hyperpigmentation?

- No Jelly Masks alone will not reverse aging, brighten hyperpigmentation, rehydrate dry skin, or cure acne. Jelly Masks only Aid in the healthy skin process 


Can MTskin Jellys be used with other skin care product?

-You have free range to layer any Cream or Watwr based products under our Jellys. We do not recommend layering over a clay based mask. Do not combine anything with powdered mask besides water. 



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